Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walmart 101

Wal-Mart is what we call an everyday low price store. Their prices typically stay the same and they don’t have very many big sales because they have everyday low prices. Most of your local grocery stores and drug stores are what we call high-low stores. This means that they offer “loss leader” to get you in the door and hope to make up the difference on their other higher priced items.

To use this strategy you simply use the loss leaders at your local grocery and drug stores to price match and then get your other items at the everyday low price. This saves you lots of time because you are not running all over town chasing the deals. For example, if Hyvee had Kraft cheese on sale and Price Chopper had Post cereal on sale I would simply go to Wal-Mart and price match both these items at one store instead of going to two.

So how do you know what all the loss leaders are at your local stores without spending hours pouring over ads? Come to My Kansas City Mommy where we highlight all the rock bottom deals and match up any coupons.

Now that you understand why to price match you need to know how it actually works. You will check out like normal but when the cashier gets to the item you are matching just tell them you have a price match. I always have my ads with me ready in case they need them. The cashiers should have the ads if you don’t have yours. Many times the cashiers just ask me what the price is and don’t even look at the ad. Most Wal-Mart’s will price match any store within 60 miles. They will not price match % off or buy one get one free. You need to match the exact item by brand and size. If it is a store brand Wal-Mart will match with their store brand. Try this strategy it is so easy to use and will save you time and money

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