Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delve Market Research Opportunity


Delve has a fantastic opportunity in the area that I thought you may be interested in. When you review them they do look like the last opportunities I posted but they are different. Have fun and hopefully make some money!

Here is the information:

There are many survey sites that you can use online but one that I trust and spend little time doing but making the most profit is Delve in Kansas City.

is a Market Research company that conducts studies and focus groups to help companies test products and ideas. Focus Groups are informal discussions led by a professional moderator in which participants share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about products and services.

If you decide you would like to take part in Market Research through Delve you can join the Respondent Database and if you qualify for a study or focus group you will be directly influencing new and exciting products and services such as: Food and Beverages, Clothing, Medications, Packaging, Movies and Television Shows, Software, Automobiles, Websites, and much more.

is not limited to only Kansas City they have offices in Appleton WI, Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Saint Louis, Minneapolis, and Phoenix.

Delve is actively searching for participants for this study.

Moms of children ages 6 to 35 months old in Appleton, WI; Atlanta; Chicago; Columbus; Dallas; Saint Louis; Minneapolis; Philadelphia; Phoenix; and or course Kansas City. If you are interested, contact Stephanie Fitzpatrick at delveprojects@delve.com or call 1-866-751-8233.


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