Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free V8 V-Fusion + Tea Sample on Facebook

Visit V8 V-Fusion's Facebook page on Monday July 26th at 11 AM CST to sign up for a free sample of their new V8 V-Fusion + Tea. Don't forget to "like" them and then click on the "samples" tab to sign up for this free sample.

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Organic Coupons Updated July 24th

.Here's is a list of the latest Organic coupons courtesy of Your Green Helper!

All You Magazine Online
$1.00/1 Chef’s Requested 100 Calorie Steaks
75¢/1 Kashi Frozen All Natural Entrees or Pizza
$1.00/1 Similasan Earache Relief Homeopathic
$1.00/2 any Litehouse Products
$1.00/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener
$1.00/1 any Peace Cereal

Betty Crocker*
75¢/3 any flavor/variety LĂ„RABAR®, JOCALAT® or JamFrakas™ bars
*Requires registration to print coupons.

Brown Cow*
50¢/3 6oz Cream Top Yogurts
50¢/3 6oz Low Fat Yogurts
50¢/3 6oz Non Fat Yogurts
50¢/1 32oz Cream Top Yogurt
50¢/1 32oz Low Fat Yogurt
50¢/1 32oz Non Fat Yogurt
*Requires entering email address. However, you can opt out of receiving emails.
75¢/1 Smart Balance Milk (enter Zip Code 70523)
$1.00/1 any Peace Cereal
$1.00/2 any Litehouse Products
$1.00/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener
$1.00/1 Similasan Earache Relief Homeopathic
$2.00/1 Nature Bounty Your Life Multivitamins

Delicious Living
50¢/1 Skinny Water
$1.00/1 any 10oz Chef’s Requested Brand Bacon Wrapped Filet Product
$1.00/1 any 25 or 50oz Chef’s Requested Brand Bacon Wrapped Beef Steaks Box
$1.00/1 any Chef’s Requested Brand Steak-a-licious Box
$1.00/1 any Chef’s Requested Brand 100 Calorie Steak Packages
$1.00/1 any Ian’s Item
$1.00/2 Pacific Natural Foods Products

Earth’s Best
$1.00/1 TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers
$1.00/7 Organic Baby Food
$1.00/2 Sesame Street Products
$5.00/1 Organic Infant Formula
55¢/1 Organic Infant Cereal

Earth Fare*
$1.50/1 any Earth Fare All Natural Fresh Chicken
60¢/1 any jar of 7J Ranch Garden Salsa
B3G1Free Bear Naked Granola
75¢/1 any box of Bigelow Tea
$1.00/1 any Blue Diamond Product
$1.00/1 any Cascadian Farms Granola Bars
$1.00/1 Earth Fare Bacon
$1.00/1 Earth Fare Bengel Bites Children’s Multivitamin
$1.00/1 Earth Fare Organic Fresh Chicken
$1.00/1 Earth Fare Hot Dogs
50¢/1 Kombucha Wonder Drink Beverage
$1.00/1 1 lb Larry’s Beans
$1.00/3 Liberte Yogurt
$1.00/1 any Natrol Product
$1.00/2 Nature’s Path Waffles
50¢/1 Organic Valley Eggs
50¢/1 Organic Valley Stringles
$1.00/1 Organic Valley Soy
50¢/1 Organic Valley Yogurt
$2.00/1 TheraNeem Organix Shampoo or Conditioner
$1.00/1 Rainbow Lite Children’s Gummy Supplements
75¢/1 Rudi’s Organic Wheat and Honey Wheat
55¢/1 San-J Gluten Free Cooking Sauce
75¢/1 Santa Cruz Organic 6-pack Applesauce Cups
$1.00/1 Earth Fare Whey Powder
$2.00/1 Beef when you buy 2 Snyder’s Products
75¢/1 Vaska Laundry Product
$1.00/1 Ziyad Product
75¢/1 Applegate Farms Dinner Sausage
$1.00/1 Talenti Gelato or Sorbetto
50¢/1 Garrett County Product
$1.00/1 Ascentra NutraSea
$1.00/2 Pirate Brand Snacks
$1.00/2 Wild Planet Sardines
75¢/1 Horizon Butter
50¢/1 Froose Product
$2.00/1 Pearls Products
$1.00/1 Yogi Cereal or Granola Crisps
$1.00/1 H2Organics Kids 8-pack
75¢/1 Michael Season’s Product
$1.00/1 andy Similasan Product
*Only redeemable at Earth Fare now!

Eat Better America*
75¢/3 any Larabar Jocalat or JamFrakas Bars
*Requires registration to print coupons.

75¢/1 Morning Fresh Fabric Softener
$1.00/1 51oz Laundry Liquid
$1.25/1 100oz Laundry Liquid

$2.00/1 Sunsweet SupraFiber
$1.00/1 Sunsweet Herbal Blends
$2.00/1 any Carlson Nutra-Support Product
$2.00/1 any Katz Gluten-Free Product
$3.00/1 Bone Solid
$1.50/1 GoodBelly Drink
$3.00/1 any ReNew Life Cleanse or Detox 2 or 3-part kit
$3.00/1 any ReNew Life Norwegian Gold Ultimate Fish Oil
$3.00/1 any ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics

Horizon Organic*
$1.00/1 any 4-pack of Little Blends Yogurt
55¢/1 any 3-pack of Single Serve Milk
55¢/1 any 6-pack of Milk Breakerz
55¢/1 any Half Gallon Milk Plus DHA Omega-3
*Requires registration to print coupons.

Honest Tea*
B1G1 Free 64 oz multi-serve Honest Kids
50¢/1 any Honest Tea or Honest Ade
75¢/1 any 64oz multi-serve Honest Tea
75¢/1 any 8-pouch carton of Honest Kids
*Requires registration to print coupons.

Kiss My Face

$2.00/1 Any Full Size Kids Product
$1.00/1 Any Full Size Product
$2.00/1 Any 16 oz Classic Moisturizer
$1.50/1 Any Full Size Oral Care

Mambo Sprouts
$1.00/2 Lifeway Kefir Products
50¢/1 any thinkThin Bar
75¢/1 any Lundberg Rice Chips
B2G1 Free Stretch Island Fruit Flats
75¢/1 Santa Cruz 4-pack Organic Sparkling Beverage
75¢/1 RW Knudsen Family 32 oz Organic Juice
$1.00/1 any Bar Pure Organic
$1.00/1 any Nasoya Product
$1.00/1 Clif Kid 6-pack Organic ZBar or Organic Twisted Fruit
55¢/1 any San-J Cooking Sauce or Salad Dressing
$1.00/1 Scharffen Berger Chocolate Product
$1.00/1 Equal Exchange any Bulk or Packaged Fair Trade Coffee
75¢/1 Natural Brew 4-pack
$1.00/2 Helios Nutrition Organic Kefirs
$1.00/1 Crunchmaster 4.5oz Crackers
$2.00/1 Rescue Remedy Pet
20¢/1 Jane's Krazy Mixed Up Seasonings
$2.00/1 Bach Rescue Remedy, Rescue Sleep, Rescue Energy or Rescue
$1.00/1 Country Choice Organic Product
$5.00/1 Bach Emotional Eating Support Kit

Newman’s Own Organics
$1.00/1 Any Soy Crisps
75¢/1 Any Fig Newman’s
75¢/1 Any 4 oz Training Treat

Organic Valley
75¢/1 Organic Valley 8 oz or 16 oz Butter
75¢/1 Organic Valley Half and Half or Heavy Whipping Cream
75¢/1 Organic Valley Soy
75¢/1 Organic Valley Cottage Cheese
75¢/1 Organic Valley Cream Cheese
75¢/1 Organic Valley 32 oz Yogurt
75¢/1 Organic Valley Eggs
75¢/1 Organic Valley Cheese 4 oz or larger
75¢/2 Organic Valley Half Gallon Milk or 1 Gallon Milk

Santa Cruz Organic*
75¢/1 Sparkling Beverages
75¢/1 Toppings
*Registration required. However, you can opt out from receiving email.

Seventh Generation
$1.00/1 Laundry Product when you buy one Dishwashing Product
$1.00/1 any Disinfecting Spray or Wipe
$1.00/1 any Seventh Generation Product
$1.00/1 Baby Care Product
$1.00/1 Laundry Product
$2.00/2 Seventh Generation Products

Simply Organic
50¢/1 any 2oz Extract or Flavor
50¢/2 any Seasoning Mixes, Dips or Dressings
50¢/1 any Grilling Season or Marinade
50¢/1 any Mini Spice
$1.00/1 any Grinder
$1.00/1 any Baking Mix
$1.00/2 any 6.25oz Spices
$1.00/3 any Seasoning Mixes, Dips or Dressings
$1.00/1 4oz Vanilla

Smart Source
$1.00/1 eos Shaving Cream
$1.00/1 Truvia Natural Sweetener
55¢/1 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
$5.00/1 Neuragen Homeopathic Pain Relief
$1.00/1 Fruit2Day
$1.00/2 Odwalla Superfoods
$3.00/1 World’s Best Cat Litter

StonyField Farm*
75¢/1 multipack of B-Well or B-Healthy Yogurt
$1.00/1 6-pack or 8-pack Squeezers YoKids Yogurt
$1.00/1 4-pack YoToddlers Yogurt
50¢/1 multipack of YoBaby Organic Drinkable Yogurt
50¢/1 multipack YoBaby Organic Whole Milk Yogurt
50¢/1 any YoKids Yogurt Multipack
50¢/1 any Stonyfield Organic Fat Free Probiotic Multipack
50¢/1 any half gallon Stonyfield Organic Milk
50¢/1 any Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Smoothie Multipack
50¢/1 any Stonyfield Organic Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
50¢/2 any 10 oz Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Smoothies
50¢/3 any 6 oz Stonyfield Organic Yogurts
50¢/1 any 32 oz Stonyfield Organic Yogurt
50¢/1 any 4 oz 4-pack of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
50¢/1 any 16 oz Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
50¢/2 any 5.3 oz Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
50¢/3 any 6 oz O’Soy Yogurts
50¢/1 any O’Soy Multipack
*Requires newsletter signup.

$1.00/1 Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent
$3.00/1 Green Works Laundry Detergent
$1.50/1 GE Reveal CFL
*Valid only at Target

Whole Foods*
50¢/1 any Tazo Zero Calorie Bottled Tea
$1.00/1 any Nasoya Product
$1.00/1 any MI-DEL Product
$2.00/1 any Soy Kaas Product
75¢/1 any 15.2 oz. Berry Veggie Machine, Orange Carrot, Tropical or Peach Guava Naked Smoothie
$1.00/1 any Oikos Organic Greek 4oz 4 pack or 16oz Yogurt
50¢/1 any thinkThin or thinkThin Bites
$1.00/1 Half Gallon So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla, Original or Unsweetened Beverage
75¢/1 Traditional Medicinals Lemon EveryDay Detox, Heartburn Soother, EveryDay Detox, Ginger Aid, Eater’s Digest, Roasted Dandelion Root
$5.00/1 Vitamin Code Raw Multivitamins EXCLUDES Targeted Nutrient Formulas
$2.00/1 Weleda Facial Care Product
*Valid only at Whole Foods Stores.

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Digestive Wellness Rebate Offer

P&G has another rebate offer going on right now and this one deals with your digestive health.

Purchase $30 of any 2 of the following products and get a $10 gift card mailed to you.

Align Probiotic
Prilosec OTC
Pepto Bismol

For the details as well as the mail-in form visit the Digestive Wellness Deal site.

Your purchases need to be made by July 31st.

Grab the 6/6 P&G or 6/27 Parade for a $3/1 Metamucil product coupon

Also in the 6/27 Parade you will find a $5/1 Prilosec OTC coupon
as well as
A $1/1 Pepto Bismol product
A $5/1 Align product

Thanks Margie!
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Sears Christmas Club

I was excited while searching for Back to School deals to find out that Sears has a Christmas Club this year! This is similar to the Christmas Club at Toys R' Us. Here are the details:

* Get the FREE Christmas Club Card Online or In-Store (I assume).
* Add Money to the card - you can start with just $5.
*You have from now until November 15th to add money to the card. (must be activated prior to October 31st)
*On November 24th, Sears will add 3% to your balance on the card, up to $100 maximum
*There is a neat Savings calculator on their website that will help you decide how much money to put away each week to reach a certain goal.

Thanks Andrea!
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August Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics

Lowe's has two great and FREE Build and Grow Clinics lined up for the kids in August!!
On August 14th, the project is to build a Bug Box. This one is available to register for right now.

On August 28th, the project will be a School Bus. This one is not available to register for yet, but I will remind you when you can.

The recommended age range to attend is 1st-5th grades.

Go to the Lowe's site to sign up.

The first 50 kids to register and be present at the store at 10am will receive a kit, apron and goggles.

Thanks Margie!
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Free Backpack At Staples Next Week

Staples is having a great Back To School freebie next week!  From July 25th-31st, when you buy any backpack, you will get 100% back in a Staples gift card after rebate.  It's like getting a backpack for FREE!  Valid in-store, by phone, or online.  Limit one rebate per household.  Not valid on previous purchases.

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Coupon Preview 7/25

Keep in mind coupons vary region to region and in some cases you may receive Red Plum during the week in your mail or paper depending on where you live! Here is an overlook of what you should find!

(X) after coupon = expiration date
() before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5


2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Save $.55/1 (10/31)
Clearasil product Save $1.00/1 (10/17)
Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, excludes colgate plus or colgate extra clean Save $.40/1 (8/14)
Colgate Toothpaste, 4oz+ Save $.50/1 (8/14)
Colgate Wisp, 16ct Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
Colgate Wisp, 4ct or 8ct Save $.50/1 (8/14)
DampRid Moisture Absorber product Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Dole Glass Jars All Natural Fruit Save $1.00/2 (10/31)
Farmland Cubed, Diced or Julienne Ham or Turkey Save $1.00/2 (10/31)
Farmland Deli Style Lunch Meats, Special Select Sliced Meats or Ham Steaks Save $1.00/2 (10/31)
Franks Redhot Sauce Save $.50/1 (9/30)
Franks Redhot Sweet Chili or Wings Sauce Save $.75/1 (9/30)
Good Earth Restaurant Favorites Dinner Kit Save $1.00/1 (9/18)
Hagan Ice Cream, 1.5qt Save $1.00/2 (9/6)
Icaps Vitamin Formula- $2.00/1 (10/31)
Irish Spring Body Wash or 2 Irish Spring Multi-Bar Packs, 3pk+ Save $.50 off (8/14)
New York Brand Frozen Product Save $.50/1 (10/31)
Kemps Frozen Yogurt, 1.5qt Save $1.00/2 (9/6)
Opti-Free Solution, 2 10oz or Twin Pack Save $4.00 (10/15)
Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap, 20/25oz Save $.25/1 (8/14)
Pillsbury Refrigerated Sweet Rolls Save $.35/1 (10/16)
Post Cereals pictured, 10oz+, any 2 AND 1 Gallon Milk Save $1.50 wyb ALL 3
Post Kids Favorites pictured Cereal, 10oz+ Save $1.00/2 (9/10)
Schick Disposable Razor Package, excludes 2ct Save $3.00/1 (9/5)
Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue Save $1.00 off 8+ Rolls (9/5)
Scott Naturals Flushable Wipes, tub or refill Save $.50/1 (9/5)
Scott Paper Towels Long Lasting or Mega Rolls Save $1.00 off 4+ Rolls (9/5)
Snyder’s of hanover Lunch Packs, 5.5oz+ Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Sandwiches, 8oz+ Save $1.00/1 (10/31)
Softsoap Brand Body Wash, 12oz+ Save $1.00/1 (8/14)
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refill, 28oz+ Save $.50/1 (8/14)
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, 8.5oz+ Save $.35/1 (8/14)
Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant Save $.50/1 (8/14)
Systane product Save $2.00/1 (10/31)
Triaminic Fever Reducer Pain Reliever product Save $1.00/1 (8/28)
Triaminic products Save $3.00/2 (8/28)
Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack Save $.50/1 (9/18)
Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 4pk Save $.50/1 (9/18)
2 – Yoplait Go-Gurt or Trix Multipack Yogurt Save $.75/2 (9/18)
2 – Yoplait Yogurt Cups; includes original, light, thick & creamy, whips, original or light smoothies Save $.40/6 (9/18)
Ziploc brand Bags Save $1.00/2 (9/18)
Ziploc brand Bags Save $.40/1 (9/18)
Ziploc brand Slider Bags Save $1.00/2 (9/18)
Ziploc Containers Save $1.50/2 (9/18)
Ziploc Containers Save $.55/1 (9/18)

Red Plum:
AcneFree Kit Save $1.00/1
Betty Crocker Brownie Toppings Save $1.00/1
Cheer BrightClean Save $2.00/1
Dannon Light & Fit 6-6oz Single-Serve Cups or any 1 Light & Fit 4-Pack Save $0.40
Dentabites or Hairball Temptations Treats for Cats Save $1.00/2
Flintstones and One A Day Multivitamin Save $3.00
Flintstones Multivitamin Save $2.00/1
Goodlife Recipe Food for Cats Save $1.50/1
Kellogg’s Eggo and/or Cinnabon Frozen Products Save $1.00/2
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisin Bran Extra or Raisin Bran Cereals Save $1.00/2
Kellogg’s Special K Cereals, 11.4 oz or larger Save $1.00/2
Kellogg’s Special K Protein Products Save $1.00/2
L’Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye Save $3.00/1
L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base Save $2.00/1
L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic Save $1.00/1
L’Oreal Shade of Preference or Root Rescue Save $2.00/1
L’Oreal Skincare Save $1.00/1
L’Oreal Studio Line or VivePro Glossy Styling Product Save $1.00/1
L’Oreal Visible Lift or any L’Oreal foundation, powder, blush or concealer Save $2.00/1
L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo or Conditioner Save $1.00/1
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice Save $0.50/1
M&M’s Pretzel, 9.9oz or larger Save $1.00/1
Marble Mix’ins Ice Cream Toppings Save $1.00/1
Minute Maid Frozen Novelty Save $0.75/1
Nature’s Bounty Vitamins or Supplements Save $1.00/1
Nivea Body Wash for Women B2G1 Nivea Body Wash Men’s
Nivea For Men Body Wash Save $1.00/1
Nivea Happy Sensation Body Lotion, 13.5 fl oz Save $3.00/1
Non-Kit Acne Free Treatment Save $1.00/1
One A Day Multivitamin Save $1.00/1
Pedigree Good Bites Save $1.00/1
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Save $1.00/2
Renuzit Adjustable 3 singles or 1 Multipack2 or 3 Pack Save $0.55
Renuzit Crystal Elements Save $2.00/1
Right Guard or Dry Idea, Up to $4.49 BOGO
Snickers Brand or Twix Brand Ice Cream Miniature Save $1.00/2
Sun Crystals All-Natural Sweetener Save $2.00/1
Temptations Treats for Cats Save $1.00/2
Therma Care, 2ct or larger Save $3.00/2
Venus Disposables, 2ct or 3 ct Save $3.00/2
Venus Disposables, 6ct Save $4.00/2
Whole Fruit Fruit Bars Save $0.50/1
Whole Fruit Sorbet Save $0.50/1

Thanks Sunday Coupon Preview!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Kids Workshops at Home Depot

Home Depot has two upcoming workshops for your kids, and they are FREE.

The next event is Saturday, August 7th and the project is to make a School Bus Pencil Organizer. It runs from 9 am-noon.

These are how-to workshops designed for children ages 5-12. In addition to the kit, your child will receive a kid-sized orange apron and an achievement pin.

They also have another free workshop scheduled for Saturday, September 4th. The project will be a Football Display.

For more information visit the Home Depot site.

Thanks Margie!
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Kmart Double Coupons and Back to School

Kmart has a back to school coupon for extra savings for you. Get a coupon for $8.00 back when you buy $25.00 worth of select back to school products (sharpie, mead, 3M, crayola, and papermate). For more details, visit here.
They also have some DOUBLE COUPON deals for you. July 25th through July 31, use your SHOP YOUR REWARDS card and get double coupons up to $.99. (Limit 5.) Visit here for all the details!

Thanks Atlanta Mommy!
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Mega Swagbucks Day!!! Go Earn FREE Amazon $

It's Mega Swag Bucks Friday! What does that mean? When you search through Swagbucks all of today, you'll have a chance at winning higher than average bucks, like 100, 200, 500, or even 1000! I love swagbucks for earning free giftcards or Amazon money!

We have added a widget to the bottom of our page. You can check it each time you are on for Swagcodes. Just click on the SC button and it will tell you if there is a swagcode available or not!

Not a member of Swagbucks? What are you waiting for? It is an easy and fun to earn free money! Go here to learn more about Swagbucks and to join. Oh and you'll get 30 free Swag Bucks for joining! Or you can sign up on the Widget below.

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$25 Gift certificate for only $2!!

Click on the picture above to order a $25 gift certificate for only $2 with code PLATE. Hurry this code is only good from today till July 31st.

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Free Working Mother magazine!

Complete this short survey to see if you qualify for a complimentary one-year subscription to Working Mother magazine, courtesy of FreeBizMag.  No credit card required.  No strings attached.  Quantities are limited though, so you'll want to act fast if you would like a subscription.

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FREE Address Labels!!


Check out these super cute label ideas that Lori over at Moms By Heart shared. These are perfect for labeling your kids' back to school items!!

Here's the deal--- Vista print is offering 140 return address labels FREE just pay $3.16 shipping. I ordered return address labels from them a couple of weeks ago and they were at my door super fast!!

Here's what to do to create these kid design labels:

1) Stop over HERE and scroll down and click on RETURN ADDRESS LABELS under the business essentials category.
2) Once you click on the picture of the labels, there should be a pop up window. Choose the Kids category under personal & family. *If this window doesn't pop up for you, look for Kids category pull down tab under personal & family across the top.
3) Use the Advanced Editing to change your font style and size to your  liking.

Vista Print


You don't want to miss out on these FREE Vista Print back-to-school specials:

-Free Wall Calendars
-Free Photo Flip Books
-Free T-Shirts
-Free Mugs
-Free Banners
-Free Stamps and more....

Thanks Maggie!
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FREE Flip Flop cookie at Cookies by Design

Ever since someone sent me a cookie bouquet from Cookies By Design when I was in the hospital after having my second child, I have been ADDICTED to them!! This is a great FREEBIE...head over to any location of Cookies By Design to get a FREE flip flop cookie.  This promotion ends soon so hurry and get yours!! Go HERE to find a location near you.

Thanks Maggie!
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20% off at


Right now has a special offer!! You can take 20% off your entire purchase with Promo Code:  DISNEYFAN.   Hurry over to, this offer expires July 25th!!

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Students and Teachers get 25% off Purchase at Old Navy

I am so excited about this one!! Teachers and Students show your IDs at Old Navy July 23-25th and get 25% off your entire purchase!! See more information on their facebook page. Only valid in stores and you must show student or school ID or teacher pay stub.

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Michael's one day Sale + coupons

Michaels is having a Madness Event Sale today!!
Save 15% on your entire purchase.
Teachers can get classroom items and decor on sale
this week with their Buy 2 get 1 free deal!
Other specials:

And if you have a few craft projects left you would like to do before summer ends, sign up with Michaels and get a 40% off coupon.

Have an OttLite? Save 50% on our entire stock of OttLite® lamps and bulbs!

Visit their site and see what arts and crafts goodies they have on sale for your projects! This sale is good from July 25th - July 31st.

thanks Atlanta Mommy!

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Save $1.00 off Wendy's Salads

Wendy's Fresh Coupon of the Week is  $1 off Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken or 3 other Garden Sensation Salads. First, build your salad, then print your $1 off coupon! (expires 8/21)
Check Wendy's facebook page next week for another Fresh Coupon of the Week!

Thanks My Military Mommy!
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free 3 Pack Of Hot Wheels At Party City

It's Checkered Flag Days at Party City!  Right now you can score a FREE 3 Pack of Hot Wheels ($5.99 value) with a $35 or more purchase of Hot Wheels products.  Store participation may vary.  Limit 1 per family.  Valid until 7/28/10 while supplies last.  No rain checks.  Click here to find a Party City near you.

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Build-a-Bear Camp Happy Heart

Every kid loves summer camp, but unfortunately, it does not always fit into the schedule.

Right now at your kids can join 600,000 other kids from around the world in their third annul Camp Happy Heart.

At Camp Happy Heart your children are able to join one of four ice-cream themed teams to compete against other teams for virtual prizes.

Joining Buildabearville is free and so is Camp Happy Heart, all you need to do is visit the floating cabin at the foot of the towns waterfall. There your child will be assigned an ice-cream team and introduced to an ice-cream camp counselor who will lead the kids to the daily activates like roasting marshmallows, fishing, storytelling and jump rope.

At the end of camp each camper will get a poster for their cub condo. The campers with the most points will be awarded the 2010 Happy Heart trophy, interactive camp fire and a bunk bed for their cub condo.

Visit Build a Bear now and see for yourself how much fun your kids can and will have at Camp Happy Heart this summer!

Thanks My Springfield Mommy!
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Back to School Printable Coupon Round-Up

Here is a list of Printable Back to School Coupons Available Right Now:
*Save $1.00 on Sharpie Highlighters
*Save on Scotch Brand Products (Tape, Mounting Supplies Etc)
*Save $1.00 on Expo Washable Markers
*Save $1.00/2 Multi-Pack Sharpie Highlighters (Target Coupon)
*Save $1.00/2 Bic Stationary Items (Target Coupon)
*Save $1.00 on Expo Washable Markers (6ct) (Target Coupon)

Have you seen any more Printable Coupons? Let me know!

Thanks MyCNYMommy!
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Jars of Clay FREE Music Download

Hey Christian Music Lovers!! Right now you can get a FREE Download of Jar of Clay's NEW Song "Out of my Hands"  from Klove!! Click over to Klove and get your FREE Download!!

Thanks Andrea!
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K-Mart back to School List

Here is a list of some Back to School Supplies from K-Mart:

25¢ Deals:

•10-count case of Simmons Woodcase Pencils
•2-pack Elmer’s Glue Sticks
•24-count Crayola Crayons
•12″ Rulers

50¢ Deals:

•Stretchable Book Covers
•7-piece School Select Eraser Set
•Mead Trapper Refills

$1 Deals:

•10-count Broad or Fine Crayola Markers
•12-count Crayola Colored Pencils
•10-count Mechanical Bic Pens
•Bic Wite Out
•Westcott 2-Piece Math Set

Kmart is running the following catalina promotion:

Buy $15 in participating brands (Mead, Avery, 3M, Expo, Paper Mate, Liquid Paper and Sharpie) and get a $4 coupon off your next order at checkout. Buy $25 get a coupon for $8 off your next order. Promotion valid 7/11-8/14.

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PetSmart Pet Perks

PetSmart now offers their PetPerks program for FREE!! You can sign up on-line for free (print temporary card). I just signed up and found the above coupon!!

You will receive the following:

  • Receive a Welcome Kit with up to $250* in coupon savings for use in PetSmart stores
    (*Up to $150 in coupon savings for Canadian residents.)
  • Take advantage of PetPerks member pricing on more than 1,000 specially-marked in-store items each month
  • Sign up to receive birthday greetings for your dog or cat
  • Advance e-mail notice of in-store specials

Additional members-only benefits when you register your PetPerks account online:

  • PetPerks e-mail offers
  • Access to:
    • Private sales online & in stores
    • PetPerks Exclusive Partner offers
    • Easy access to pet care articles
    • Easy access to special articles
    • Online account management
Thanks Shana!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FREE Movie Tickets!

Weekly Cinema

Click the picture above to see how to get FREE Movie Tickets!

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HOT Quiznos $2.99 Meal Coupon


Click on the picture above to get your $2.99 Meal Deal Coupon! These won't last long!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Toys R Us Back to School Deals

Here are some Back to School deals going on this week at Toys R Us:

-Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Crayola Crayons
Crayola Pencils
Crayola Paper
Crayola Markers

-Crayola Fun Favorites (lap desk, activity center, etc.) - $9.99

-FREE Lunch Kit with purchase of any Backpack ($12.99 or more)

-25% off all Thermos Funtainers

-25% off all Crayola and Imaginarium Easels and Desks

*Make sure you check out the rest of the Christmas in July Sale at Toys R Us this week!

Thanks My Military Mommy!
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Office Max: Free School Supplies with 100% Back in Bonus Rewards

This week Office Max is going to have 5 items that end up being free after you get 100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards!

The 5 Items Are:

All OfficeMax Poly Notebooks
Limit 6

Sharpie Black Fine-Point Permanent Markers, 12 Pack
Limit 3

Hammermill 8.5x11 Copy Plus Paper, 500 Sheets
Limit 6

All OfficeMax 1" Durable Non-View Binders
Limit 3

All Uni-Ball 207 Gel Pens, 3 Pack
Limit 3

Thanks Margie!
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Dole Instant win game

Click over to Play the Dole Salad Seekers Instant Win Game! Some will win a FREE bag of Dole Salad. Don't be sad if you don't win, you’ll get a $1/1 Dole Salad Printable Coupon (and if you wait for a sale it might still be FREE!)

Thanks DFWMommy!
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Coupon for Free Smoothie or Frappe at McDonald's

Here is a great chance to try one of McDonald's new Real Fruit Smoothies or a Frappe'.

Look in yesterday's Parade Magazine for a coupon for a FREE 12 oz Smoothie or Frappe'

This coupon alone will more than pay for the cost of your Sunday paper.

The coupon expires August 15th.

Thanks Margie!
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Like Subway on FB for a chance to win

Subway has a promotion right now on Facebook!!  "Like" them for a chance to win one of 20 $25 giftcards each week!! Click on over and "like' them!!  While you are there, leave a comment telling them that MyKansasCityMommy sent you!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010 update July 18th!! has added new coupons! New coupons include Smart Balance, Edwards (singles), Wheaties, Huggies, Kleenex and More!

Each week I will continue to let you know what’s new and available so you can save more! Remember the coupons do have a print limit so don’t miss out on what is available right now!

The coupons listed are available in all regions of the country. The coupons available to you will be determined by the zip code you enter and the offers you have already printed. (I used the zip codes: 53027 and 90210 for these).

*Keep in mind these might disappear quickly so print your favorites NOW!!

Aleve D, $1.00/1
*NEW* AmLactin Lotion & Cream, $2.00/1
*NEW* AmLactin Foot Cream, $1.00/1
Bacardi Mixers, $1.00/3
Bayer AM Product, $1.50/1
Bayer Heart Advantage, $1.50/1
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $0.50/2
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad, $0.50/2
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix, $0.75/2
Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $0.50/1
Big G Cereals, $1.00/2
Big G Cereals, Cheerios, $0.55/1
Big G Cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, $0.60/1
Big G Cereals Kix, $0.75/1
Big G Cereals Total Plus, $0.75/1
*NEW* Big G Cereals Wheaties Fuel, $1.00/1
Bisquick, $0.50/1
Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution, $2.00/1
Blue Dog Bakery Treats, $1.00/1
Campho-Phenique, $1.00/1
Caribou Coffee, $1.00/1
CeraVe, $2.00/1
Cesar Treats, $1.00/1
Challenge Dairy Butter, $0.55/1
Chex Mix, $0.55/1
Chung’s Entrees, $0.75/2
Citracal, $1.00/1
Clorox 2 packs, $1.50/1
Del Monte Ready to Blend Fruit Smoothie, $1.00/1
DiGiorno Pizza & Breadsticks, $1.50/1
Dixie or Dixie Ultra Paper Plates, $1.00/1
Dove Promises Silky Smooth Chocolate Bag, $1.00/1
*NEW* Edwards Singles, $1.00/1
Enfamil Enfagrow, $5.00/1
Eggo *Target Coupon,* $1.00/1
*NEW* Face Lift, $3.00/1
Flinstones Vitamins, $1.00/1
Florastor, $7.00/1
Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift, $2.00/1
Genesis Today Kiwi Probiotics Yogurt Smoothie, $1.50/1
Genesis Today Superfruit Juice, $1.00/1
Genesis Today Superfruit Pudding, $0.50/1
Genesis Today Veggie Blast Juice, $1.50/1
Gen Teal, $2.00/1
Glade 4oz Candle, $1.00/1
Glade Scented Oil Candle Product, $1.00/1
Hansen’s Blue Sky Free 6-pack, $1.00/1
Harris Ranch Beef, $1.00/1
Hartz training pads, $1.00/1
HTH, $1.00/1
Huevos de Calidad Eggs, $0.75/1
*NEW* Huggies Baby Wipes, $2.00/1
Jamba Natural Smoothies, $1.00/1
Jamba Fruit Sorbet or Yogurt Bars, $1.00/1
*NEW* Kleenex, $0.50/3 or 1
LaCroix Sparkling Water, $1.25/8 or 12 pack
LiceMD, $1.00/1
Listerine Whitening Rinse, $1.00/1
Lighthouse, $1.00/2
Marie’s Dressing, $1.00/1
Nabisco Multi-Pack, $1.00/2
Nasalcrom, $2.00/1
Nature Valley Granola Bars, $0.75/2
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Bars, $0.50/1
Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, $1.00/1
Nature Valley Granola Thins, $0.50/1
Natures Bounty, $2.00/1
Neo-Synephrine, $1.00/1
Nexcare products, $1.00/1
*NEW* One A Day, $1.00/1
Opti-Free, $1.00/1
Osteo Bi-Flex, $1.00/1
Peace Cereal, $1.00/1
Pedigree Dentastix, $1.00/1
Phillips Product, $1.00/1
Pillsbury Baked Goods, $1.10/3
Pillsbury Big Deluxe Cookie, $0.55/1
Pillsbury Sweet Moments Desserts, $1.00/1
Prevacid, $4.00/1
Raisinets 6-pack, $1.00/1
Raisinets Cherry, $1.00/1
Raisinets Cranberry, $1.00/1
Renu, $1.00/1
Reser’s Fine Foods Deli Salad, $1.00/2
Right Guard Total Defense, $3.00/2
Right Guard Total Defense 5, $1.00/1
Romano’s Macaroni Grill, $0.75/1
Salonpas, $1.00/1
*NEW* Savory Choice, $1.00/1
Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, $5.00/1
Similasan Earache Relief Ear Drops, $1.00/1
Slo-niacin, $2.00/1
*NEW* Smart Balance Milk, $2.00/1
*NEW* Smart Balance MIlk, $0.75/1
Smart Ones, $3.00/10
Starbucks VIA, $1.00/1
Stonemill Kitchens Dip, $0.55/1
Tropicana Trop50, $1.00/1
Truvia Sweetener, $1.00/1
Viva Big Rolls, $1.00/
Wanchai Ferry Frozen Entree, $1.50/1
Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit, $0.75/1
WASA, $1.50/2
Wellesse, $4.00/1
Wellesse, $2.00/1
Whirlpool or Maytag Refrigerator Water Filter, $5.00/1
Woolite Power Shot, $1.00/1
Woolite Stain Remover, $1.00/1
*NEW* Yoplait 32 oz Yogurt, $0.50/1
Yoplait Fiber One Multipacks, $0.50/1
Yoplait Frozen Smoothie, $1.00/1
Yoplait Greek Yogurt, $0.30/1
Yoplait Go-Gurt or Trix, $0.75/2
Yoplait Yogurt 4-pack, $0.50/1
Yoplait Yogurt Cups, $0.45/6

Store Coupons:

*NEW* Chili's Email Club - free chips and queso
Chuck E Cheese, $30.00
Olan Mills Free Portrait Package
Olan Mills Free Portraits $ 50% Off
Sears Free Portrait Collage and 20% off


InStyle Special Hair Issue, $2.00/1
*NEW* People Style Watch, $1.00/1
*NEW* Southern Living Magazine, $1.00/1
Sunset Magazine, $1.50/1


Wow! Wow! Wubbzy DVD, $2.00/1

Don’t wait these offers go fast, print your coupons now!

Thanks Kim!
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Walgreens Weekly Ad Match July 18th- 24th

If you are new to saving at Walgreen’s read Walgreen’s 101.

If you are new to using coupons read Coupons 101 first.

You will find the weekly ad in the store and the July Coupon Book - you will need to pick it up to use the coupons. You can also view the ad and print the coupons.

Thanks to Moms by Heart for this weeks deals!

*Be Sure To Check Out All Of The Walgreens Back To School Deals!


Hamburger Helper $.99
-$.75/3 from 6/20 SS
Final Price: $.74

Kettle Chips, 2/$3.00
-$1.00/2 printable HERE (click on jackpot)
Final Price, 2/$2.00

Ziploc bags 100 sandwich, 15-25 freezer or storage 2/$5
-$1/2 from July coupon booklet
Final Price: 2/$4

Starbucks 4-pk $4.99
-$1 from 5/2 SS
Final Price: $3.99

Breyers Ice Cream 48-oz 2/$6
-$.75/2 from 6/27 SS
Final Price: 2/$5.25 or $2.63 each

Act II Popcorn mini bags 3-pk $1
-$.40 from 6/20 SS
Final Price: $.60

Chex Mix 2/$3
-$.55 printable HERE
Final Price: $.95

John Frieda hair care from $6.79, B1G1 50% off = 2/$10.19
-$3 from 6/6 SS (Root Awakenings) or 2.50 printable HERE
Final Price: as low as 2/$4.19 or $2.10 each

Oral B Crossaction toothbrush $3.49
-$2 from 7/4 PG
Final Price: $1.49

Listerine 1L $3.99
-$1 printable HERE
Final Price: $2.99

Pampers Jumbo pack $8.99
-$2 from 6/20 RP
Final Price: $6.99

Pampers wipes $2.49
-$2 from 6/6 PG
Final Price: $.49

Stayfree pads 28-48 ct B1G1 50% off
-B1G1 free from 6/27 RP
Final Price: one for FREE, one 50% off

Revlon beauty tools from $1.59, B1G1 50% off = 2/$2.39
-$1 from 7/18 SS, use two
Final Price: 2/$.39

Walgreens Register Reward (RR) Coupon match up. For more information read Walgreens 101.

Nabisco cookies or crackers $2.99
-$3 RR when you spend $15 on select Kraft products, including Nabisco Chips Ahoy and Ritz crackers
-$1/2 from 5/16 SS - good on Nabisco Crackers
Final Price: varies

Dr Scholl's RR deal: spend $10 (before coupons) get $5 RR
-$2 printables HERE, HERE and HERE
Final Price: varies

Pantene or Head & Shoulders hair care 2/$8
-$1 RR on two
-B1G1 free from 7/11 SS
Final Price: 2/$3

Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor $9.89
-$5 RR
-$4 from 6/6 PG
Final Price: $.89

Schick Quattro Titanium $8.99
-$3 RR
-$4 from 6/27 SS
Final Price: $1.99

Claritin 40-45 ct $24.99
-$5 RR
-$3 printable HERE
Final Price: $16.99

MiraLax 30-day $18.99
-$4 RR
-$3 printable HERE
Final Price: $11.99

ReNu Multipurpose Solution or Bausch & Lomb Soothe XP $6.99
-$1 RR
-$2 printable HERE - ReNu
-$3 from 7/18 SS - Soothe XP
Final Price: $2.99-$3.99

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean refill, toilet gel or foamer 2/$7
-$1 RR on two
-$1 printable HERE or from 6/13 SS -toilet gel
-$1 from 6/13 SS - Extend-A-Clean refill
Final Price: 2/$4

Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste 5.8 oz $3.49
-$3.49 RR
-$1 from 6/27 SS or $.75 printable HERE
Final Price: FREE with $.75-$1 profit

Walgreens Coupons

Dawn dish soap $.99 (with insert coupon)
-$.25 from 7/4 PG (regional)
Final Price: $.74

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $.69 (with insert coupon)
-$.55/2 printable HERE - play until you get 500 points then redeem for coupon
Final Price: $.42 each

Crest 3D White Whitestrips from $36.99
-$10 insert coupon
-$10 from 6/27 RP
Final Price: as low as $16.99

Select Colgate toothpaste or toothbrush $1.99 (with insert coupon)
-$1 from 6/27 SS or $.75 printable HERE - toothpaste
-$.75 from 6/27 SS - toothbrush
Final Price: as low as $.99

Neosporin from $4.99
-$2 with insert coupon
-$.50 from 5/16 or 6/20 RP
Final Price: $2.49

Ongoing Deals

(2) Nutri Grain bars $5
-$2 register reward (received at checkout)
-$.75 from 7/11 RP insert, use two
Final Price: 2/$1.50 or $.75 each

Dentyne gum $1.29
-$.99/3 from July coupon booklet
-$1 from 6/13 SS
Final Price: FREE

Reach toothbrushes
-$1 RR on two
-$2 RR on three
-$4 RR on four

Select Kraft products: spend $15 (before coupons) get $3 RR
-$.75 from 6/27 SS - Planters Flavor Grove
-$1.50/2 from 6/20 SS - Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip
-$1 printable HERE - Oscar Mayer Deli Creations
-$1/2 from 5/16 SS - Nabisco crackers

Celsius Tea 4-pk $4.99
-$3 RR - month long
-$2 printable HERE or $3 from 4/25 or 5/16 SS
Final Price: FREE with possible overage

July Register Rewards

-Get $3 RRs wyb $15 or more of participating Kraft Products
Products on sale week of 6/27

-Buy $15 or more of participating Dove products, Get Get $5 RR
Products on sale week of 6/27

-Buy two Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Continuous Sprays or Cremes (6 oz.); Get a FREE Walgreens After Sun Product (6 oz.)
Hawaiian Products on sale buy one get one free week of 6/27

-Gillette Proglide, $9.99; Get $5 RR

More Printable Coupons are available at, SmartSource, and Red Plum. Don’t miss out Print your Coupons now!

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