Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Region 7 Head Start

This is a long one, but PLEASE take a few minutes to read through the entire post. I know the My Kansas City Mommy readers will care about this organization.

My Kansas City Mommy recently became aware of the Head Start Program, something I now admit was never on my radar.  I am almost embarrassed to say my understanding was very short sighted, as I thought Head Start was preschool for economically challenged families and that was it.  After having a conversation with a local representative for Region 7 (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa) I can now say I am much more enlightened.

SO....What is Head Start?

Head Start is a National Child Development Program for Children from Birth to Age 5, which provides Services to Promote Academic, Social and Emotional Development, as well as Providing Social, Health and Nutrition Services for Income Eligible Families. 

In other words Head Start is not just preschool, but a sort of menu of programs that provide services to those most vulnerable children in our society, with a whole family approach to their needs.  They don't just enroll a child in the Head Start Program, they enroll the entire family and think of them and support them as if it were their own family.  As moms we all know how important it is for our children to have their needs met. I am so very thankful there is a program like this available and sad after finding out they are currently losing funding and having to cut programs to our most vulnerable children (and programs really means, cut families and children out of things they desperately need).

Since 1965, Head Start has represented a national commitment to America's most vulnerable children and has opened a window of opportunity for more than 27 million people who have gone on to achieve success in all walks of life.  27 million is a very large number and if you like them on facebook I think you will be surprised by some of the people Head Start has helped.

I can also tell you that at one point in my earlier years, I could have benefited from this program, had I known it was available.  I was a single mom at a young age who had to work very hard and struggle to get where I am today.  Thus the reason I have written this post to "get the word out" and help others learn more about these programs and their need for our assistance at this time.

I  LOVE the My Kansas City Mommy readers and thus ask you to please follow these links to Like the Region 7 Head Start Program on Facebook, and read more about the programs on their website and SHARE SHARE SHARE this information with others, you never know who might need that extra bit of help - it could be your neighbor or friend and by merely sharing we can get the word out to everyone, so every child has the opportunity to have a "Head Start", we all know that when Moms band together we get things done.  


I know the My Kansas City Mommy readers LOVE a good freebie and contest soooooooo since I have become more knowledgeable about this group and want you to do the same, here is what My Kansas City Mommy is going to do.  

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  1. We have Head Start programs here in Milwaukee. I used to volunteer at one!



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